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Branded Links & Instagram Stories: How to Link

Branded Links & Instagram Stories: How to Link






Why do you need to add a link to the story?

The creation of a clickable link at the bottom of the stories is a great chance to increase the account engagement. This feature is useful for business account owners who want to increase the traffic of their sites and get an extra opportunity for productive interaction with customers. Bonus tip: After 24 hours story expiration, save it to the account highlights.

How do the links on stories look?

A successful example shows the New York film academy. They add a video, call to action phrase “Swipe up for the full list” and a link, which route the viewers to the web page with relevant information.


1. Create a story on Instagram.

Swipe up to open the gallery with image/video and choose necessary media.

2. Click on the link.

The chain icon at the top of the screen is the link. After clicking on it, paste the URL to which your subscribers will be redirected.

3. Create a story and add a СTA phrase.

Add filters, stickers, emoji, and hashtags. When everything is ready, upload the story to your page.

There is a “See more” button in the Instagram Stories, but it’s unnoticeable for most of the followers. Therefore, add a call to action. Use phrases like: “Swipe up,” “Click here,” or “Pull up.”

Why are short links important for Instagram stories?

Today, Instagram statistics doesn’t show link data. If you want to track the number of link clicks, the best decision is to use short links. Most of the URL shorteners let you explore the detailed link statistics. If using, you get the data, which allows you to make a reasonable conclusion about when your audience is most active, and the content visitors are the most interested in. To enhance the statistical data – include UTM parameters.

Now, Instagram stories are available only to owners of Instagram Business Accounts with at least 10,000 subscribers.

What to do if I can’t add a link to Stories?

Configure your Instagram Stories and bio with short branded links to reach the 10,000 mark.

Bio is the only way to use an active link on Instagram. Instagram limits the number of characters up to 150. That’s short links help to save some space, keep your profile engaging (without scary links) and let increase your website traffic.

When you create short branded links, it’ll be fine to enter links in your stories. Add a short link, like or 😍.to/😊. Yeap, lets users to use emoji domains and slugs.

As links are short and memorable, visitors can easily access the details just by typing the link in the browser address bar.

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