Vinet Hosting Solutions Marketing The effort of marketing forgotten

The effort of marketing forgotten

The effort of marketing forgotten

Email marketing is by far the most efficient out of all other marketing channels such as Facebook and Google Adwords. I am not the one saying this. I do not wish to compare apples with oranges; both methods are very accessible for small companies and tight budgets.

Email marketing is the most efficient marketing tactic available today.
Neil Patel, in The Psychology Behind a Perfectly Formatted Email Newsletter

If done right, besides being cheap, email marketing works.

When you look at time, effort, cost, investment returns and all other factors that a marketing channel would consider, emails are at the top.
Neil Patel

I am not here to write about email marketing, a subject that I expect you know a lot about, maybe even more than I do. However, have you ever tried doing marketing using the email signatures of the company employees?

If your goal is to learn about and evaluate new solutions that are out there, using email signatures to advertise a product is a good start.

When you are responsible for a company, an agency that manages brands for other businesses, or a team, such as a sales team, you might want to consider a value-adding software, especially when it offers tools that help reach business goals.

Email signature marketing

In a standard way, email signatures are already a simple form of advertising yourself professionally or your business, spontaneously, each time you send an email.

Despite always being at the end, people are curious by nature, and they will always try to learn more about those who send them messages.

We usually include websites, phone numbers, logos, and commercial address in our signatures. But advertising a product or service in email signatures is something done by few. This small space located at the end of the message can be an excellent opportunity to advertise something big, with little effort.

Email signature created with Bybrand

Here are some ideas for campaigns that we can include in email signatures:

  • The launch for a product or service;
  • Downloading an eBook;
  • Increasing website visits with a banner;
  • Growing sales of items with poor performances;
  • Advertising open job offers;
  • Discounts or coupons;
  • Announcing an event concert.

The effort of marketing forgotten

Consider a small team, with ten employees who use email daily, sending an average of 20 messages. That amounts to 200 messages sent per day.

Per day
20 (messages) x 10 (employees) = 200

In the week
200 x 5 (day of week) = 1.000

In the month
1.000 x 4 (week) = 4.000

Utilizing the potential of these 200 messages a day or 4000 per month to advertise an idea from the list shown above can be a good marketing channel.

Having a solution from banner ads in email signatures is not a big challenge. We can do this through Microsoft Outlook, with an excellent standard image. However, things can start to go wrong, to the point where you might need to change the ad for everyone in your team. Imagine changing ads for 10, 20, or 80 employees.

Bybrand Campaigns is a method of creating ads in email signatures. It’s an easy trade where you gain free time to work on other things.

Bybrand Campaigns

Of course, you can consider other companies as Sigstr, for a marketing effort.
Please write us comments if you know other companies, which has the features of banners in the signature.

The truth is that the sales world is moving quickly, and no one can keep up with it. Only one thing is sure: if you are using the same tools as you were years ago, you will be left behind very soon.

Will the current method be useful five years from now? Should we put all our eggs into one basket? Should we diversify and evaluate new channels?

Where does your company most use email?

Apart from the email marketing field, for what does your business most use corporate emails?

If you think about it, business emails are widely used in dealing with clients, in areas related to supporting and in questions about the products offered by the company. Communicating with suppliers and partners closely follow. In third place, there are questions and doubts from potential clients, such as the ones who visit your website for the first time.

This is probably a reality in most companies, with little differences.

You could even say: “In my company, we mostly use Snapchat, it’s cooler”, “Our communication is done through the internet”, “we use a group chat such as Slack” or “we don’t even send emails”.

These are valid considerations, but when it comes to communication between companies, we are far from finding a substitute for email.

All businesses work with and need email, simply because it has a low cost, with free technology, and it is not linked to any private company, like other methods such as Snapchat or Slack.

Too Email Signature As Additional Marketing Channel.

Finally, engaging company employees in spontaneous marketing can be a great way to diversify. There are many alternative marketing options to boost sales.

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